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Voiceovers & Subtitling

Whether you need translation and localization for film, television, commercial, radio, multi-media or training video, from pre to post production, A2Z has what you need...and in any language...

At A2Z Global our in house team of sound engineers and technicians are specialists in foreign language localization. We are here to manage every step of the process to ensure the final product maintains the integrity of the original.

We Do It All

A2Z is a one stop shop for translation and localization of both pre-existing material and creating new audio and visual media. The service we provide include:

  • Script Translation & Localization
  • Recording
  • Casting
  • Voice Overlay
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Post-production, Editing, Syncing, Mixing & Mastering
Timing is Everything

Unlike simple text translations, scripts for voice-overs and subtitling translation are confined to the original visuals. This requires specific editorial choices to sync language to video content, while maintaining your original message. It is a complex process requiring both technical and linguistic professionals, with skills specific to translation and localization of audio and visual content.

Our script translators are highly skilled in making the editorial choices necessary to maintain your original material with all of its nuances, yet still sharpened to fit seamlessly into the defined parameters set by the source visuals, or radio time slots.

We manage the entire process. Casting from a wide range of voice-over talent we bring the perfect native speaking voice-over artist to best suit your content.

Technical supervisors and sound engineers work with actors in our state of the art studio to deliver you the highest quality production value, in any format you need...for a fraction of New York prices.