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The quality of staff at A2Z Global is unsurpassed. More than three decades of experience mark the evolution of our hi-tech environment, with experts manning every aspect of production.

The A2Z Global Translation Division specializes in the translation of technical material, computer software, help text, documentation and Websites for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Human & Veterinary Medicine
  • Military Defense
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Financial
  • Information Technology
  • Automotive
  • Legal
  • Websites

We offer customized solutions, adapting our services to your corporate culture. Using the newest terminology and translation tools to eliminate redundancy and insure consistency. We guarantee quality work, on time and within budget. Sound project management at A2Z means that experienced teams of translators will help ensure that your message gets through clearly and precisely, with all the cultural nuances required of good communications.

Masters of Many Languages

A2Z translators and engineers have extensive experience, resources and expertise in:

  • English, German, French, Spanish (Spain & Latin America) Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil), Greek
  • Asian - Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Thai
  • Scandinavian – Swedish, Danish, Finnish & Norwegian
  • Russian & East European Languages (Polish, Czech, Hungarian)
  • Hebrew & Arabic
  • Other Languages Upon Request

Our world headquarters is located in New Jersey, just a short ride from Philadelphia and New York. A worldwide network of offices allows for both centralized Project Management along with in-country coordination of language translation that provides immediate and accurate input as to the local requirements. The in-country review is facilitated and coordinated with your local representatives, thus building strong local relationships.

Services Offered
  • Overall Planning & Project Management – Including Schedules & Status Reports
  • Terminology Development, Updates, & Maintenance
  • Internationalization & Audit of Materials
  • File Preparation, Aligning, & Leveraging of Leveraging of Previously Translated Materials
  • Management of Translation Memory
  • Localization, Translation, and Editing of:
        • Marketing & Collateral Materials
        • Software
        • Contextual Help
        • Contracts
        • Documentation
        • Tutorials
        • CBT Training Guides
        • Specification Sheets
        • Web Pages
        • Audio Visuals
  • Multimedia – Including Localization, Translation & Production Services
  • Conversion Into Electronic Book Format (SGML, CHM, EPUB, MOBI, AZW, KF8, & PDF)
  • HTML Conversion – Including Web Pages
Project Management

Our dedicated project managers are professionally trained, which assures you of precision execution of projects. They WILL be delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner. NOTE: Your project manager will be the point person in determining schedules, resource allocation and management, quality assurance and timely delivery.