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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is at the Foundation of Our Process …
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Quality Assurance, or QA is applied to all A2Z Global projects and comprises the final steps in your project be it a website, multimedia or software localization, translation, and Web or Network solution. A2Z adheres to the QA Guidelines developed by L.I.S.A. (Localization Industry Standards Association). In every instance A2Z Global will take the steps necessary to ensure that the end result of your project is as correct and accurate as it can be. These steps involve precautions and attention to detail in the initial planning stages and progressing through the entire process, culminating in the final review by native-language speakers residing in the country and region of the specific intended audience. Automated Quality Assurance is built into some TM programs used routinely during the process, and is used in addition to human review in order to maintain consistency, speed, and accuracy.

Customer Participation in the Review Process …

Our efforts to ensure quality incorporates multi-phased production team quality check points with strategic client side key stakeholder interfacing for internal review and final project approval.

It is essential that all client review cycles are carefully planned and managed to avoid unnecessary delays and confusion, either of which can greatly affect the cost and time necessary for completion of a project. The assigned A2Z Project Manager helps our clients to plan and define what is required for all review cycles; however, customer help will be required to ensure that certain criteria can be met.

For example, when reviewing translations, the customer should follow guidelines to ensure speed and accuracy:

  • Identify Qualified Reviewers in Translation Kit
  • Select a Reviewer with Specific Technical as well as Linguistic Knowledge of the Product, Fluent in the Source
  • Delegate Sufficient Time for the Review Process
  • Give the Reviewer Specific Parameters to Accomplish the Task Matching Corporate Guidelines for Branding.
Too often during the review cycle the temptation is to rewrite the text. This should be avoided; a good translation is the closest possible rendering of the original source document. Neither the translator nor the reviewer should undertake to rewrite the source. If there is a problem with the source document, it should be corrected prior to the translation, not after. The only general exception to this is in the development of the advertising materials, where the intent and the message are paramount.

The reviewer of most translated material should therefore concentrate on:

  • Terminology
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Errors in Language with Specific, Negative Impact on Usage