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Solutions The quality of staff at A2Z Global is unsurpassed. More than two decades of experience mark the evolution of our hi-tech environment, with experts manning every aspect of production.

The A2Z Global Translation Division specializes in the translation of technical material, computer software, help text, documentation and Websites for a wide range of industries, including: Information Technology, Military Defense, Telecommunications, Chemical, Financial, Automotive, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Legal and more...

We offer customized solutions, adapting our services to your corporate culture. Using the newest terminology and translation tools to eliminate redundancy and insure consistency. We guarantee quality work, on time and within budget. Sound project management at A2Z means that experienced teams of translators will help ensure that your message gets through clearly and precisely, with all the cultural nuances required of good communications.

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Project Management

Solutions for Web Our dedicated project managers are professionally trained, which assures you of precision execution of projects. They WILL be delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Your project manager will be the point person in determining schedules, resource allocation.

In the past, defense contractors have been stuck with an immediate need for translation services right from the requirements phase, through the development and production phases.

When vying for international business, many companies don't have a clue where to find a suitable translation solution that will enhance their position and met global business requirements.

In today's environment, we as a country have learned that being sensitive to world cultures is essential to any successful international negotiation.

A2Z Global staff has helped many companies worldwide, to translate their materials into foreign languages through the use of teams experienced in:

  • Rapid turnaround of RFPs
  • Simultaneous translation of Proposals
  • Project planning and management
  • Cultural and linguistic adaptation
  • Graphics editing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Full color printing and publishing
  • Binding
  • Narration
  • Computer based training

Our worldwide offices have invested heavily in all the major hardware platforms and operating systems, including DOS, Windows, Windows 95/98, 2000, XP, Windows NT, OSX, Unix, VMS, and Macintosh.

A2Z's engineering department is highly experienced in all desktop publishing software in most foreign languages. Computer-aided translation tools (our own as well as standard industry tools) are used to reduce costs, insure uniformity, and minimize time-to-market.

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Bid Proposals

Neon globe In bid proposals, one can identify three phases:
  • Requirements Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Production Phase

A2Z Global's staff of linguists, DTP professionals, editors and QA personnel can provide:

  • Translation of requirements (RFPs) and management, quality assurance and timely delivery.